Process Serving Terms and conditions

It is in your best interests to provide as much detail on the person/company the documents are to be served on.

If documents are to be served on a company we will contact you if:

  • premises and postal access is not possible
  • there is no one available

If service on a company premises is not possible, then TJD Legal will make a check on Companies House and contact a nominated person to await further instruction on whether the paperwork is to be served on the person’s home address. TJD Legal reserves the right to increase the original fee if this occurs.

If papers are to be served on an individual we would require as much of possible of:

  • Recent Photograph
  • details of any vehicle they may be driving
  • Alternative addresses
  • place of work

If court attendance is required, contact Tristan Morris to discuss further.

Overdue Invoices Terms & Conditions

It is the responsibility of the client to provide the correct information in regards to the debtor and the debt that is owed, no responsibility will be held by TJD Legal or its affiliates in the case of incorrect information provided.

TJD Legal will correct any errors with the prior agreement of the client.

TJD Legal will not be responsible for any subsequent counter legal action that may arise from court action on behalf of the client.

The letter service will involve a travel cost of £0.45p per mile from CV21 1EW to the destination and back. The Client will be invoiced this separately. If an affidavit is requested this will be completed upon return and passed to the client.

TJD Legal does not take responsibility if correspondence does not reach the correct person based on the information provided by the client. If the debtor no longer resides at the address TJD legal will inform the client, however the client will still be responsible for expenses incurred.

TJD Legal will not represent clients in court unless they have advised the court beforehand. If required, a representative of TJD Legal will be dispatched to the nominated court. A charge of £45 per hour plus expenses (including travel time) will be applied. If it is over 4 hours travel from CV21 1EW the client will be responsible for accommodation expenses, in such instances, a mileage charge of £0.45p per mile will also be applied.

Letters by post are sent Recorded Signed For via Royal Mail. The tracking number can be provided.

Subsequent correspondence will be charged at the standard rate of £25.